Week 15

For this weeks live, we had George Wybrow join us to go through the basics of lino printing. I was particularly excited for this one as I hadn’t done lino printing since secondary school and it’s something I’ve been wanting to get back into for a while now. During the live George took us through the basic techniques he uses as we create two prints, one ‘typical’ print and one where we carved out a print using negative space instead. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, I found it quite therapeutic and love any chance to get my hand messy. George talked me through the best methods as well as demonstrated his on practice and styling – together we both created a lino print of the nearest plant to us.

Although we put out a materials listing along with the poster advertising the live session, I don’t think many people actually followed along with the tutorial, however it must of been engaging enough as we kept a steady audience (around 15 people) throughout the hour that we were live for. We also received more views on the listed video afterwards, bringing our total views to 64. To have that amount of people tune in to watch an hour long session, potentially without following along, says to me that the content must of been engaging enough to make them stay. Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t provide me with any details of who tuned in so I can’t ask them directly, but I do hope it brought them some joy too.

After the live session, I reflected on the prints I had made. I absolutely love the raw energy that is reflected in the prints, every little details adds to the pieces and transforms human error into wonderful quirks that add to the design. Then I thought that this energy is exactly the type of thing I could use to bring my current flat branding to life!

Although it did bring some energy to the lettering, it hardly looked like a brand at this point. This was the point where I began to really consider going back to working on the logo shape, type and feel. As at this point, it seemed that no matter what outside influence I did to the current logo, the actual logo itself was too static, chunky and, well, boring to truly reflect the project.

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