Week 23

This week I got to work creating some more designs on Cinema 4D, after looking back at some of my past work, I was drawn to the time I decided to make the brand patterns out of playdough.

I absolutely love the way the material complemented the shapes and brought them to life. Although I’ll certainly be using these as part of the branding, I’m trying to create a ‘real’ and ‘digital’ version of everything to keeps things mixed, so I set out to recreate them digitally too. The best thing about this process was that Cinema 4D provides the right tools within it’s software for you to ‘play with’ and craft shapes from a sphere or a cube, so in a sense it felt like I was just recreating them out of playdough all over again, just on an extreme level! Using primarily the FFD tool, I was able to pull, stretch and shrink shapes to fit the patterns I had previously created – using an image as reference.

I wanted to essentially recreate the logo in an abstract form by choosing just one of the pattern shapes that replicated each logo element, similarly to when I created the ice cream animation a couple of weeks ago. I played around with a few sketches before hand, but I found that they kept leaning towards a similar outcome each time.

I wanted the separate elements to stand together as a single unit, creating a composition that gave the illusion that they were all carefully balanced in order to stand upright. I still wanted those ‘in’ on it to be able to read the word joy so made sure to place each element in a way that was still legible.

Although I was eager to trial out different kinds of materials, the shiny/glossed/balloon like textures that I had managed to create previously remained the best fit for these designs, I just love how much life it brings to the shapes. I’m extremely happy with how these turned out, and although it wasn’t part of the original colour palette, I kept being drawn in by the purple background – having the plain white background just didn’t do justice to the design and I feel like the purple contrasting with the rest of the colours used brings a real childish, playful nature to the overall design. However, the original colour palette was based solely on Fresh Perspectives brand colours, and as the brand of this project evolves and begins to stand on it’s own feet it only made sense for design to evolve with it. Adding a few new colours to help compliment the primary set wasn’t taking anything away from the brand, in fact it was just pushing it further – so although I was reluctant at first I decided to stick with adding purple (and a few other colours, if they work) into the brand palette as secondary colours.

I really like how you can ‘photograph’ your design in Cinema 4D like you would something you’ve made in real life, being able to get different angles and close up shots of what you’ve created is a huge benefit and allows you to get so much more from a design than you would be able to in Illustrator or Photoshop.

I knew I wanted a pattern that I could use behind text and over images to keep the brand fluid, so I later duplicated each individual shape and organised them to look lighter, open and completely random. At this stage I ran into a familiar problem again, the background colours just weren’t looking as vibrant as I wanted them to be and no amount of light seemed to change that. Darker colours weren’t as much as an issue (see the purple), it was just the lighter, brighter colours that I couldn’t figure out how to luminate.

I later realised that it was possible export the shapes as a transparent PNG, allowing me to add my own background in from another source, woohoo! Although this meant that the shadows wouldn’t naturally be added in, for this pattern I didn’t want them anyway. I just wanted colour! Here’s the patterns again after added in my own background using Illustrator:

I wanted the Instagram content to be fluid, clear and exciting to the audience. So I began setting up themes for me to follow as I progressed – Such as having the pattern above behind any text based posts. I do find it quite effective when Instagram pages have three posts that create one larger photo, it gives the audience something exciting to look at, even if you don’t have very much to say at that moment in time. It sets the scene.

As the bio didn’t give me much room to tell people exactly what it is we’re about, I composed a graphic with a short summary on it that I would store as a ‘highlight’ named ‘about’, meaning it was going to be constantly pinned at the top of the page for the public to see. I’ll probably continue to do this for other areas of the project, such as workshops, how to get involved and as well as general information on what we’re planning next.

In the background, I’m gathering information and contacts for local businesses owners with potential venues for the workshops – whilst gathering my own information I also got in touch with Catherine Johnson again from the Skipton Arts Council as I know she’s well acquainted with lots of Skipton business owners and may have personal connections that could help. Catherine was incredibly helpful as always and provided me with a wealth of information on different places we could approach should we be able to host indoor workshops.

I’m going to organise a meeting with Debbie, Kath & Beth again (potentially next week now) to try and find out if Debbie managed to gather information on the possibility of us being able to go under the education ruling system, if not then we can focus on both outdoor workshop possibilities as well as multiple, smaller indoor cohorts.

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