Week 14


When life give you lemons limes

For this weeks live tutorial, I had gotten in touch with Alistair for the local bar Bojangles. Alistair had already been doing such a fantastic job of keeping peoples spirits (quite literally) high during the pandemic by creating a series on his Facebook, showing people how to make they beloved cocktails at home.

He first began making his videos in the earlier days of lock down and has continued to do a new video each week since. Every video demonstrates a different cocktail, and you best believe that he will be dressing up in a new theme each time to match! He was already managing to bring joy to people, so it just made sense to get him involved in our project to help spread his message even further.

I spoke to him about what our projects aims are and he was keen to get involved from word go, and after speaking on the phone we decided we would host a live session together where he would teach me, and the people at home, how to make a mojito and a strawberry daiquiri (the Fresh Perspective teams favourites!).

On the day of the live, all was running smoothly and we were ready for action, there was just one thing we forgot to check. Alistairs internet connection. When we first started the live, we had a few hiccups on Alistairs but it steadied out and we managed to get through the first 10mins fine. However as time went on it became harder to make out what Alistair was saying, the delay between us talking was getting longer and longer and it was basically a guessing game at this point.

After apologising to those watching at home, I tried something new. I temporarily stopped the live to ring Alistair and suggested that instead of him joining me via video call, I could have him on the phone giving me verbal directions on speaker phone. This way the audience could still see me preparing the cocktails, receive the proper instructions and everything will be alright. right? wrong. Unfortunately the phone hosting the live couldn’t pick up Alistairs voice very well, as we couldn’t see each other there was a noticeable disconnected between myself and Alistair. Although I believe I managed to salvage it as well as I could of in that situation, it clearly wasn’t the most successful of lives. However, it still resulted in people getting cocktails, one way or another. So that was a small win.

Looking back I wish I had remembered to check on Alistair’s connection prior to the live, it would of saved a lot of time on both ends and given us a chance to think of alternative ways to deliver the content.


Content Creation

Seeing as I had been enjoying video editing lately, we needed more content for the Fresh Perspective Instagram and I get asked multiple times a week ‘how do you do your hair at home?’, I decided that I could tick off two things at once by recording a tutorial! I must say, this was certainly an experience. Just finding a place where the lighting wasn’t going to change too dramatically over the course of the tutorial was hard enough, never mind overcoming the surreal feeling of talking into a camera. I did a few introductions talking, but decided that this wasn’t for me – I was clearly overthinking everything I was saying and doing, so opted to do a voice over after instead.

In terms of getting the right kind of personality across in the video, I knew this was going to be used on the FP social media, which is predominantly followed by those between the ages of 16 – 30. So I knew I had a bit of leeway to act a little more casual and use some modern mannerisms. I also made sure to add a disclaimer in right at the very beginning of the video to ensure that I wouldn’t be put liable to be put under scrutiny of any kind from the tutorial. Other than that, the recording was pretty easy to do, now I wasn’t having to talk during the filming of it, I was able to act and dye my hair much more casually.

Once the video was released on the FP platforms, I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback I received from the video. A lot of people told me they would like to see more content similar to this in the future, whether that just be from myself or through the FP page. Although I don’t have enough time to create this type of content on a regular basis for the Joy in Numbers project at the moment, it’s certainly something to think about for the future.

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