Week 11


This week I reached out to a local baker, Natalie, to see if she wanted get involved in the project somehow. She wasn’t comfortable with the idea of co-hosting an Instagram live, so instead I proposed that she recorded her baking process which we could then edit and share on our platform. To make it even more comfortable for her, I suggested that she didn’t have to show her face or do a voice over of any kind either – as instead, we could easily create a baking video in the similar style to what ‘Tasty’ do (see below).

This worked perfectly as it gave us content to post, showcased Natalie’s talents and promoted her services – all whilst making sure she wasn’t put out of her comfort zone in any way. After I received the video content from Natalie, it became clear that I would of benefited to of given her some guidelines on the best way to film this type of video – but I still managed to make it work. Certainly something to take into consideration for any similar situations moving forward.

Although I was happy with the video, I felt that it wasn’t enough to just post a video tutorial. One of the main objectives of my project was to encourage engagement. Though this may give some people at home the basic knowledge to be able to create Natalie’s cookies for themselves, it lacked the immediate interaction that you otherwise would get with a live demonstration. I spoke with the Fresh Perspective (FP) team about this and suggested that two members of the team (preferably two with little to no baking experience) should go live and try to follow the recipe instead. We could post the video earlier in the week to market the event and inform people what to get in, then go live on the Sunday to trial the recipe out for ourselves – resulted in interaction, live content and cookies for all (winner!).

Being conscious of the 11 min baking time, I put together a baking themed quiz for us to do to ensure there was no awkward pauses and plenty of entertainment.

1. In the series friends, what does Monica iconically bake Rachel for her birthday?

2. What popular flat round cake is often given the oh so appetising name of ‘squashed fly cake’?

3. Who were the two hosts of the Great British Bake Off in 2019?

4. In the film ratatouille, a rat takes over a restaurant by baking the best cakes in Paris, true or false?

5. Which 4 ingredients are required to make pancakes?

6. What is the standard amount of tiers for a wedding cake to have?

7. In the original animated film, Alice in Wonderland, which sweet treat made Alice grow into a giant after one bite?

8. Which cake was named after a Queen?

9. Who, according to the TV commercial, makes exceedingly good cakes?

10. What is the French word for a cake shop? 

1. Birthday Flan 2. Eccles Cake 3. Sandi Toksvog and Noel Fielding 4. False, he was a chef 5. Milk, flour, eggs, sugar 6. 3 7. Cookies 8. Victoria sponge cake 9. Mr.Kipling 10. Patisserie

Maisie invited her younger sister to get involved too which was great in terms of interaction and entertainment – it turns out that showing friendly sister bickers make for great content! I feel that most elements of this live session went really well, the only negative take way was that when you’re sharing video on Instagram live, it cuts your screen vertically (which you can’t see). So, unfortunately most times when I was holding something up to show the audience, they couldn’t see it properly. Luckily this can be avoided in the future by constant check ins with the audience to make sure they can view everything ok.




In order to reach out to more creatives to try and get them involved in the Joy in Numbers project, this week I also began creating a project overview that we could send out. As I already had most of the content from my work in previous weeks, the main challenge for this was the design. Jamie had previous tagged me in a post on the ideas wall showing the Participatory City PDF – I really loved the concept behind the PDF as well as some of the design elements. Whilst explaining their project concept they had incorporated multiple hand drawn illustrations to help demonstrate their concept further. The illustrations were kept incredibly simple however I believe this is what made them so effective. The thick outlines accompanied by the imprecise detailing made for a friendly and familiar tone throughout the PDF.

PDF Here > Illustrated+Guide+to+Participatory+City+-+Download+version

I tried to embed a similar style into the project overview document by hand drawing all of the visual elements. Bringing back the skills I had learnt in week 8, during the Ashley Mary digital illustration class, I managed to create a few basic elements that I believed would help elaborate my projects message.

I found this process incredibly relaxing and joyful as once again I was encouraging myself to embrace the natural human errors that come with hand drawn illustration. I believe this energy is clear in the illustration outcomes too, although they’re not the most precise, I believe they have a sense of character that I may not of otherwise managed to achieve. I wanted the rest of the PDF to continue this theme and believe I managed to accomplish by creating a simple yet energetic layout. However, saying that, I am aware that this was created using the rushed branding I had created the week prior so I can expect to be returning to this document in the future to make it match up with the projects brand and message further.

PDF Here > Joy in Numbers Project


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