Week 10

Group Reflection


Following on from last weeks live tutorial, I set up an online meeting with the Fresh Perspective team to talk through all the areas that we felt went well and what could be improved. We all agreed that it worked really well having one of us co-hosting the live session along with the guest host as this opened opportunity for casual conversation and took a lot of pressure from the host.

Although there were some typical faults at the beginning of the live with Courtney, this isn’t really something that can be controlled. However I came up with the suggestion to host a practice session to test the internet connection on both sides prior to going live to try and prevent it happening again.



To make the project more official, I began coming up with some branding concepts. As the main idea revolves around trying to bring people together to create a space for joy and community to emerge, I wanted to ensure that the name reflected this.

SM Quotes -01

The great Martin Luther King Jr. once stated “There is power in numbers and there is power in unity” during one of his legendary civil rights movements – seeing as this project captures the very essence of bringing people together to create a positive impact, it only seemed natural to incorporate part of this quote within the branding. From this rose the title ‘Joy in Numbers’.  Seeing as the FP brand was already abundant with bright colours, I made the decision to embed their colour palette within my project – not only did this enable a clear connection between FP and Joy in Numbers, but it also created a warming abundance to the brand without the need for additional visual aids. According to Fabrik, sans serif fonts are “clean, modern, and engaging. They’re used by brands who want to demonstrate a straight-forward, simple, and no-nonsense attitude.” (Peate, 2018) – all aspects of which I wanted to feature within the brand. I found that Ethan Dunhams’ font, GoodDog, was a perfect fit as it was clean, approachable with ‘hand drawn’ aesthetics that brought character to the text. Lastly, to infuse the logo with a joyful scene, I added some thick, rounded lines around the lettering to create a subtle sunshine.

Joy in numbers logo-08

Although I was happy with the branding I had managed to create, it was created more out of necessity than anything else so there hadn’t been room for experimentation during this process. This was certainly something I would be aiming to return to at a later date.

Business Plan Draft

Joy in Number Business Plan

At this stage I still wasn’t sure whether we had enough budget to fund our project from start to finish (whenever that is) – so I began creating a draft proposal highlighting the basic principle of the project which could later aid in any funding applications I may have to do in the future. I figured that regardless of whether or not I ended up using it, having a structured business plan will help me work out the projects mechanisms and general aims and objectives clearly, allowing me to be able to relay this onto others.

I found this process extremely helpful and later had the idea that the content I had written for this could easily be structured into a project outline/proposal. This could be used to get new local businesses and talents involved in the weekly workshops, as well as be used for funding applications. If I’m being honest, I know that I didn’t put too much thought into the expenditure of the project at this point, so the budget proposal was way off – however it did really help me get the project motives down in writing.


Live Jam Session

LIVE GIG-04-04



Following on from last weeks workshop, we managed to secure another live session for this week using inside resources. Declan, a member of Fresh Perspective, is a talented singer and songwriter with plenty of connections of other local talents. We used this resource to arrange a live jam session featuring both Declan & Beth Armitage.

Because these two had already performed plenty of in person gigs together, the flow of the live session was extremely natural and laid back – perfect for a Sunday afternoon. They were able to engage the audience by taking song requests and allowing them to generally partake in the conversations they were having between themselves. As they both also have a large separate following, having them both host a live session brought a new audience onto the Fresh Perspective page and allowed us to gain some new followers during the process. After speaking with Declan after the live session, he mentioned that he was inspired to continue hosting more live jam sessions over on his channel as he enjoyed it so much – fantastic news!



Lock down Research




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