Week 12

This week I began gathering all my prior research together in order to begin my written report on my project. Although I didn’t necessarily start off confident in my ability to write a lot on my findings so far, I actually found that throughout this process I had gained more information and insight into the subject of joy than I had thought. As I hadn’t before written an academic piece, I must admit that I struggled finding the right tone to write in but I put that worry to one side as I knew this was something I could go back and amend later.

Sian – Draft Written Piece

Going through this process was extremely helpful and in some cases it helped me restart thought processes that I had had during the research phase of my project. To say that the documentation side of project development isn’t necessarily my favourite area, I found myself really enjoying gathering all the different elements of my project into one written piece.


This week we had Ava Grace co-host a live songwriting workshop with Declan from the Fresh Perspective group. As these two are both from a musical background I found that they worked really well together, and although their styles are completely different, they complimented each other quite nicely. Having different styles created for a ranged, multifaceted conversation between the two of them that was great for the audience to engage with or simply listen in.

Although this was advertised as a workshop, which insinuates some sort of practical practice, the live session naturally leaned towards having a conversation on songwriting. Ava and Declan both discussed their styles, processes and techniques they apply to writing songs. Although this was a lovely live to listen into and the audience certainly enjoyed it – there were comments after the live asking for them to return to do a more practical session. Something to note for future sessions, but great news in terms of the audience wanting more from the same people!


Behind the scenes I also began to work on other ways that we can bring joy to our audience throughout the week – from this stemmed the idea of ‘Joy in Pets’! Because who doesn’t love animals?

Although it’s seemingly common knowledge that animals brings people a feeling of joy, after researching into it I found that there have been studies that back this up.

https://www.helpguide.org/articles/mental-health/mood-boosting-power-of-dogs.htm – this link states that there have been studies that found;

  • Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without pets
  • Playing with a dog or cat can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which calm and relax.
  • While people with pets often experience the greatest health benefits, a pet doesn’t necessarily have to be a dog or a cat. Even watching fish in an aquarium can help reduce muscle tension and lower pulse rate.

Another factor that informed my decision to create ‘Joy in Pets’ was the results found from my questionnaire. Upon asking members of the public ‘what brought them joy?’, I found that multiple people involved animals, in one way or another, in their answers. Whether this was that they liked watching birds from their bedroom windows, watching interspecies friendship videos or playing with their family cat – all signs pointed towards animals bringing people a feeling of joy.

To embed this into my project, I proposed to Fresh perspective that we begin highlighting people’s pets every Wednesday under the name of ‘joy in pets’. I created a stamp that we could put onto each photo, which simply just changed the word ‘numbers’ out for ‘pets’ in the original logo. This allowed people to clearly see the connection.

We asked people to submit photos of their pets alongside a fun fact that we could share on our Instagram page. The first post we did introducing the new element was a success, we had great engagement from the audience!



This week I also pulled some of the content used in our PDF to share on our instagram.

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