Week 9


During this week I’ve found myself bouncing from one idea to another, without giving it much thought. Since my initial idea was no longer feasible due to the pandemic, I’ve found myself a little lost and disheartened. Although I seem to have no problem coming up with many other possible routes for my project, none of them seemed enough, or I became torn between two potential routes. To try and focus my path back down, I created a list of my different ideas and wrote the pro’s and con’s to each of them down.


This helped me manage and work through my thought processes so much easier, and although I still wasn’t entirely sure on which path I was going to take – I knew that somewhere along the line all these routes had the same link, joy. Because of this link, there was bound to be a mutual ‘meeting’ point for each of these routes, so I thought why not explore them all?

In the midst of this, a group called Fresh Perspective, who I had previously collaborated with, had got in touch asking for potential project leads seeing as both the mural project I had been working on them with and their cinema event had had to be put on hold. We arranged a meeting to discuss their current budgets and have a group brainstorming session on what they could use this new found time for. I brought up my idea of creating a platform to host live streams of local talents and tutorials for the general public to follow along and offered to do this with them – they jumped on the chance and we instantly began creating an archive of local businesses and talents that could potentially take part.

Quarantine MarketingInsta stories Ideas[2168]_Page_1

To gain perspective on what kind of things people would want to see, I went to the very platform we would be hosting these live tutorials/workshops on – Instagram. We also arranged another meeting with a few members from Great Place: Lakes & Dales to pitch our idea and discuss funding potentials.



Great Place: Lakes and Dales is one of 16 pilot projects in England funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England. It is focused on the rural corridor linking Skipton in the south and Grasmere in the north, including the market towns and rural hinterlands, extending into both the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District National Parks. It’s the Skipton group that originally worked to form Fresh Perspective as one of their community improvement projects, although the funding for Fresh Perspective officially stopped back in November, we wanted to meet up to see if there was any budget remaining that we could access for this new project or alternatively discuss the possibilities of GPLD being able to grant some further funding.

Thankfully, the meeting went really well and we were informed that there was some budget left for Fresh Perspective to use! Although our project plan didn’t currently have any urgent need for expenditures it was such a relief to hear that they supported our idea and was willing to assist financially should we need it in the future. On top of this, they seemed really enthusiastic about the project and we later received a list of ideas from Manon – I love it when enthusiasm spreads!

After contacting a few different people from our list, the first tutorial we managed to confirm was a live makeup tutorial by a local makeup artist – Court Rae MUA. Luckily, one of Fresh Perspective’s members, Beth, knew Courtney personally so the organisation process was pretty simple and fluid. We agreed that rather than it just be Courtney alone hosting a live stream from our channel, it may feel more friendly if one of us was also present in the live stream following along. As none of us have particular skills in makeup, we thought this might allow for the viewers to feel a little more at ease as they could watch us stumble our way through the tutorial alongside them. Naturally, Beth volunteered to take part in this as her and Courtney already had an established relationship. As people are still working their usual hours from home, I thought it would be best to host the tutorial over the weekend, as well as allowing more people to attend, having it on a set day over the weekend will also hopefully help people keep a routined mentality which can so easily be lost during the lock down.


We checked in with Courtney in regards to availability and set a date for the following Sunday (12th April 2020)! As we didn’t have a lot of time I wanted to get the word of it out immediately, thus began creating an eye catching poster to use. After speaking with Courtney, I found out that she was actually just beginning her career in online make up tutorials and she had taught herself all that she knows so far – this was great to hear. I love it when I get the chance to meet someone that has worked to make their passion a career opportunity through hard work and dedication – and as you can see from the images above, she has clearly got a lot of talent in it. However, this did mean that she hadn’t yet had chance to put a lot of money into marketing her brand yet, so although she did have a logo I believe it was home done. After asking for permission first, I went ahead and created an updated version of her logo for her (and use) to use. Already, these new connections were helping small businesses!


Once the poster was made, we got to work spreading the word through both our personal and the Fresh Perspective social media platforms!

Although there was a slight technically hiccup at the very beginning – I feel that the first ever live session went down a treat! Luckily as Beth & Courtney already knew each other, it was like being able to tune in to watch two friends getting ready together, whilst picking up some handy tricks along the way! The relaxed and casual approach made for an inviting and comfortable space. If we could continue with this style of live tutorial/workshop I believe this project will successfully create a space that encourages community joy and interaction.

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